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Sims 2 Interview and shots
GameSpot has updated again with some new screenshots, showing a marriage ceremony, Riverside, a party on a balcony and more. You can find those here. Another screenshot showing 4 differently decorated bedrooms has been poasted at TheSims2.com. To see that one, go to the screenshots page at the official The Sims 2 site. Even more interesting than all those screenshots, is a new interview with Will Wright that GameSpot's also posted. This interview also reveals a (perhaps the) feature that was still secret until now. It's that you can actually see the game from a Sim's point of view. Here's Will talking about that:
"Well, I think the camera freedom is something that we’ve resisted for a long time and feels like probably the biggest stretch. But it has some huge benefits. You can zoom in very close and feel totally immersed. You can even do like a walkthrough and be at that level, where you’re actually standing in the house, Sim point of view. You can see their faces because we’re bringing the camera in so much closer. Of course, you know, the kind of cost of that is that we have to provide a huge amount of detail on the characters and the objects now."
Click here for the whole interview, which also discusses other things of The Sims 2, and Will's vacation. Enjoy it!

Written at 23:22 on Monday, 22 December 2003 by ChEeTaH.

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