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Chat Transcript
Last Thursday's chat with Tim LeTourneau turned out to be a success again, with 500 people in the chatroom. There were several interesting questions and answers in this chat. Here are a few of them:
"Hello, one can see dates a little everywhere: February 2, March 14, March 15... for different country, but one still does not know which is the true one"
"We do not have an exact release date yet. Don't believe anything you read - the game will be released when it's finished."

"Will the baby sims still atomatically be in the little carages or will the Mother sim have to go to like some hospital to have her baby "delivered""
"Let's just say the pregnancy experience is a lot more like real life now. Of course a little shorter"

"Will you be able to interact with NPCs? (Maid, Gardner, etc.)"
"Even more than interact, let's just say you can get very close if you want to"

"Can a woman get pregnant by a man that does not live in the same household as her? I.e boyfriend and girlfriend not living together but she gets pregnant, if you get what i mean lol"
"This seems to be a popular topic, bet you can't wait to try this out."

"If you marry the maid, can you control her after she is part of your family? If not, then how does that work? Do they just go along uncontrolled?"
"Yep! She (or he) would be part of your family, just like any Sim born into the family or made in Create-A-Sim."
If you want to read a lot more about The Sims 2, click here to read the transcript.

Written at 23:16 on Friday, 19 December 2003 by ChEeTaH.

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Written at 14:38 on Saturday, 20 December 2003 by fabtep
Edited at 14:59 on Saturday, 20 December 2003 by fabtep
I'm especially happy that the helicopter is still in the game, because I sent the screenshot from a german TV programme that aired in August to SimsZone.de in November. It is known in the whole world now and I always feared the copter might have been taken out of the game, because I never heard anything about it.
Now we finally know that it is meant for "transportation in some of the careers".
Fabian @ SimsZone.de

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