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Sims 2 Release Date?
Many people have talked about the release date of The Sims 2. So far only "First Quarter" and "Early Spring" 2004 were mentioned. It turns out that it could be both. EA Germany has published 19 March 2004 as (European) release date. That would mean the game would probably be released at 16 March in the US. Note that this release date is still not definite, and might change later. Also, the official Sims 2 site still says early spring. The closer we get to the release date, the more definite it'll be. Perhaps Maxis will release a date in the chat next SimDay, which can only then be considered pretty definite (as Maxis doesn't seem to delay games once an exact date is given, as they've proven with previous expansion packs and other games). Credit goes to SimsZone for publishing this news.

Written at 16:07 on Sunday, 14 December 2003 by ChEeTaH.

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Written at 16:10 on Tuesday, 16 December 2003 by fabtep
Edited at 19:16 on Friday, 19 December 2003 by fabtep
SimsZone yesterday announced in this Newspost that Maxis confirmed to them that indeed there is NO concrete release date yet and once more recommended not to rely on statements from anyone else but Maxis itself. So the date from EA Germany is at best a rough guess.

EDIT: EA Germany has now set the release date at the site back to "unknown".
Fabian @ SimsZone.de

Written at 12:42 on Wednesday, 17 December 2003 by ChEeTaH (TSZ Webmaster) (ChEeTaH)
Thanks for pointing that out again. The "definite" release date will come from Maxis first.


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Written at 12:25 on Wednesday, 7 April 2004 by Melanie (cherri_pie17)
If you try to pre-order the Sims 2 from Amazon.com, it lets you know that the game will not be released until August 31st, 2004. :*(
Too long of a wait for me.......


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