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The Sims 2 Info
We got some information of The Sims 2 again. We've heard the team is making "great progress" finishing the game. I'm not sure if that means the game has reached the alpha stage now (i.e. all the features are in the game and have to be polished up/worked out) or not, but it could be. There's a chance to ask next Thursday, when there'll be a chat with producer Tim LeTourneau at the usual time (3.00pm PST, 11pm in the UK and midnight in Europe). And you shouldn't miss out on the next GameSpot Designer's Diary, in which Maxis will announce a new feature in the Sims 2 that hasn't been talked about yet. But there's more info...

We also received 3 new screenshots, showing an Asian styled bedroom, a kitchen which shows the pool outside through a window, and two different homes that you'll be able to build in The Sims 2. Click the thumbnails below to see them.

A bedroom - Asian Style A kitchen and a pool A swanky bachelor pad and a sophisticated Tudor abode

Finally there's some more news as to why CaSIE has been delayed again. This comes directly from Luc Barthelet:
"We have made some code changes to improve game speed and make custom content easier to make for 3D heads. Thoses changes were not compatible with CaSIE, so we have to update the code. We are trying to give you a tool that will be as likely as possible to generate content compatible with the game that ships."
That means that if Maxis would've released CaSIE early, the heads wouldn't be compatible with the final version of the game. As usual, stay tuned for more news and info about The Sims 2.
Written at 21:52 on Saturday, 13 December 2003 by ChEeTaH.

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