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Chat Transcript
Last Thursday's chat about Bustin' Out was a success again, and many questions have been answered as usual. And we can even take the (careful) conclusion that there will be another version next year:
"There is no weather, but will there be Christmas?"
"We do have the day and night feature with real time shades which make the game look awesome and realistic. Weather is another idea we have been considering for the next version. And for XMAS? Sure you can create any envirnoment you like."
Other information from this chat is that there's also the information Sims will be able to play pingpong and airhockey, and there are 16 locations to go to, including Mom's House, Club Rubb, Toane's Gym, Tinsel Bluffs, Dudley's Trailer, and Studio 8. Be sure to read the entire chat transcript right here.

Written at 21:30 on Saturday, 13 December 2003 by ChEeTaH.

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