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Bustin' Out Newsflash
Bustin' Out on GBA has been released in Europe today, and the release date for the consoles has been pushed back a week (only in Europe), to 19 December (which is next week). There have been several reviews of the GBA version already, which will soon lead to a review index of that game (just like Makin' Magic - sorry for the delay of that) at this site. You can find reviews of the GBA version at GameNikki (9/10), GamePro (4/5), IGN (8/10) and GameSpot (8.1/10). With the console versions going gold earlier this week, there are also some new screenshots and articles about that. You can find some new screens at WorthPlaying. IGN has posted an article about some of the characters you'll meet in the game right here. If you want to know more about the online functionality on the PS2 version, you might want to check out a new article at GameSpot (with a few screenshots) that covers that. Enjoy that right here. For the interested people: the release dates. The GBA version has been released in both the USA (2 December) and Europe (today). The console versions (PS2, GameCube and X-Box) will be released next week. 16 December in the US, and 19 December in Europe to be precise. All just in time for the holiday season.

Written at 20:38 on Friday, 12 December 2003 by ChEeTaH.

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