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The Add-on/Neighborhood Handlers updated!
It's been a long wait, but I'm happy to say that I've finally released new versions of both The Add-on Handler and The Neighborhood Handler. The Add-on Handler is available for everybody right here. Nore that you do need the full version, even if you have a previous version. This is because all the DLLs have been updated because I'm using newer software now. The Neighborhood Handler is only available to members of the Yahoo! Group now, but everybody will be able to download it next week. Members received an e-mail with details where to find the new version. If you want it now, I recommend you become a member (for free) and download it. As both programs now use the same DLL files, you will only have to download the full version of one of the programs. For a list of the major changes, read more...

The Add-on Handler:
  • New Delete function, to delete Maxis files
  • New Serials function, where you can see your serial numbers for The Sims
  • Added a readme tab, where you can read the readme file
  • The "FAR Objects" feature has been improved, and now also updates the files.iff (Installed Files database) file. The bug that caused the program to hang if you didn't have any files to pack, has also been solved.
  • A new pop-up menu to select or deselect files in a list more easily
  • The option to disable the scrolling text at the bottom (and making it jump from line to line). This is useful for slower computers
  • You can now add Comments to files when installing them. These will also be used in a new function in the next version of the program...
The Neighborhood Handler:
  • Updated the manual a bit, but not completely this time.
  • Fixed some issues with installing Studio Town areas
  • Added Makin' Magic compatibility and support
  • Now making use of the NSIS installation system, which gets rid of conflicts with the installations of other programs like EliSims
  • All new DLL files. You'll need to download the FULL version of at least one of these programs. As they included DLL files are now identical, it doesn't matter which one you download first anymore
  • I fixed a couple of bugs in both programs
I hope you enjoy the new versions. Again: Click here for The Add-on Handler (Full version), here for the Upgrade version, here for The Neighborhood Handler 4.11, or right here for more information about The Neighborhood Handler.
Written at 23:49 on Saturday, 6 December 2003 by ChEeTaH.

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