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This week's SimDay is pretty big. Besides the chat and the release of Bustin' Out on the GBA (with the press release now showing the right picture), there's the announcement of a chat at WorldSims next Saturday at 12pm (8pm in Britain, 9pm in Europe). It will be about The Sims 2 University, and I'll be attending as well. More from TS2U is another interview, this time with Chris from SimSational. You can read it right here. Just two more things left: one is the next part of the Designer Diary at GameSpot. This time, it's Lucy Bradshaw and Tim LeTourneau talking about the Neighborhood. There's some new info in it, for instance that for their relationship, it matters how close friends live. Here's another new bit:
"A really cool new feature is that after you've built a house, you can pick it up and move it to another lot. If you want to fix up your lonely bachelor with the cute girl (who's a few blocks away) more quickly, well, now you can just pick up his house and make them next-door neighbors."
The fifth part of this diary comes with several screenshots, including 4 of Riverside Neighborhood. You can now also see boats and a rainbow. As if that's not enough, there's a new trailer for GameSpot members (Free registration is required), which shows the fly-through option, through Riverside Neighborhood. You can read the diary here, see the screenshots here and download the trailer here. Finally, this SimDay comes with two new track pieces for the fun house that comes in Makin' Magic. Download both tracks (1.4 Mb in total) from Get Cool Stuff.

Written at 22:34 on Thursday, 4 December 2003 by ChEeTaH.

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