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The Handlers Update
I'm currently working hard on both The Add-on Handler and the Neighborhood Handler, to make them Makin' Magic compaible. Although the Neighborhood Handler won't contain any new features, the Add-on Handler will and I've had a bit of trouble with it, and other things like the Sims 2 University and the special have also taken up quite a lot of my time. Hence there's a delay of approximately 2 weeks before I'll release new versions of both programs. Until then, both programs will still work properly, except...

The Neighborhood Handler:
It can't copy, swap or install lots that are in Magic Town. I haven't tested the Family Index with the old version, but it should work, with the exception that families living in Magic Town might have the wrong details. Also the details of the neighborhood don't show if it has a magic town or not. All the other functions should work properly.

The Add-on Handler:
Installing Magic Town areas won't work. There's also the bug that causes the program to 'crash' when there aren't any objects to put in FAR files, and you go to the "FAR Objects" tab. The current work-around is to press Alt+F4 several times until you can control the program again. This issue has been fixed in the next version. The neighborhood details when installing lots also doesn't reflect Magic Town areas yet. Installing files besides Magic Town areas will work as they should.

New in The Add-on Handler 0.3.0 beta:
A "Delete" function, so you can delete files you installed. You won't be able to delete original Maxis files, as they simply won't be shown. You will also be able to get a preview of the files so you know which one you're deleting. Another new function is the "Serials" tab, which will show the serial numbers you used for installing The Sims and its expansion packs. This is to help you get back your serial numbers in case you lost the case or installation guide that came with the game, but there's no guarantee you'll get back your serial number using this tool.

Expect new versions of both these tools within the next few weeks. I apologise for the delay. Both programs will be released simultaneously. The installation has had a complete revamp as well, and won't cause any conflicts with other software's installation packages (like EliSims). Also, both programs will now install all the DLLs necessary for both tools. That means that if you installed the DLLs of The Add-on Handler, you won't need to download them again for the Neighborhood Handler. As it seems to be turning out, the full versions will be bigger downloads this time. The upgrade versions will be smaller and faster to download though. Remember that because the programs use completely new DLLs, you will have to download the full version of at least one of the programs.
Written at 01:29 on Sunday, 30 November 2003 by ChEeTaH.

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Written at 02:47 on Tuesday, 27 July 2004 by sharon (shanebryannicky)
ello do u have any serial numbers for all of the sims
sharon rose

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