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Screenshots from WorthPlaying
Worthplaying has posted two sets of screenshots (and concepts of art). These show the Sim we've seen many times before, in several stages. On backyardpark on a few shots, in a swimming pool, the library, on the farm, and a few other places. You can find both sets at this page and this page. Besides that, they've also posted 3 new shots of The Sims 2 (and one old one). One contains what we've seen many, many times before: the hot tub. The second one shows a kid jumping on the couch, and her mother sitting on it. As you can expect, the mother doesn't really appreciate the jumping... The third - and last - shows a family at the table, eating turkey for thanksgiving. The old one shows the first kiss of two young teens (the shy ones). You can find this set right here. Enjoy it all!

Written at 23:44 on Wednesday, 26 November 2003 by ChEeTaH.

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