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Bustin' Out GBA: Earlier than expected
With the official site opening up a new section for Bustin' Out, Maxis has also posted the final release dates for Bustin' Out on the consoles. The GBA and PS2 versions will come a bit earlier than expected: 2 December this year, instead of 16 December like on the X-Box and GameCube. In Europe all the versions will be released at the same time. And instead of being later than the US (as usual), Europe is a bit earlier on the last 2 consoles. The game will be released at 12 December 2003 - on all platforms. The GBA version has also gone gold already, while the other editions should follow soon. The same site has also posted a new fansite kit for Bustin' Out, which you can download from this page. If you want to read the complete press release about Bustin' Out going gold on the GBA, click here. Thanks to both ToTheGame and SimsZone.de.

Written at 01:04 on Monday, 24 November 2003 by ChEeTaH.

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