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New Bustin' Out Shots [Update]
GameSpot has posted a couple of new shots of Bustin' Out. Four of these contain some gnome-creating, Create-A-Sim, and Sim-eating plants (thumbnail below). For all of GameSpot's screenshots, including older and these new ones, click here.

Plants do eat Sims now...

[Update 22 November, 1:45] Something I apparantly missed with the screenshots was the third Designer's Diary that came with the screenshots, as well as a video interview. This diary is about the several sounds (simlish, music and ambient sounds) in Bustin' Out, and Mike Perry, Game Designer, is talking about it:
"Where did simlish come from? The original The Sims, created by Will Wright, launched in February 2000. This is when the world was first introduced to simlish, the wacky language of The Sims. Simlish was initially going to be based on the Navajo dialect because Will was fascinated by the Navajo codetalkers of WWII. Ultimately, the team decided against this strategy because of the difficulty in finding Navajo voice actors. They also wanted to use a language that couldn't be translated so that its meaning would be left up to the imagination of the player. Thus, simlish, the gibberish that fans know and love, was born."
Read the whole article on this page. A video interview for GameSpot Complete Members has been added as well. It's a big download - nearly 140 Mb - but worth the download for the members and those who are interested in this game. It's all about SimLish, and it gives you a behind-the-scenes look on who's behind the Sims' voices.

Written at 20:25 on Friday, 21 November 2003 by ChEeTaH.

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