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The Sims 2 U
I've just posted part 3 of our The Sims 2 University special. This time, I'm covering the buy mode, and how your Sims can get their hands on the latest items. It's a must read for all the fans who are looking forward to The Sims 2 next year. You can find the new part on page 4. If you haven't read the rest yet, click here to read it from the start. I will be adding more content in the short future. Other sites have also reported about The Sims 2 University recently, including our affiliate SimsZone.de, WorldSims, TheSimsResource, Secret Sims, SimFreaks, Well Dressed Sim, SimSational, and TheSims2Resource, and the official site. Keep checking this site for updates on our in-depth special!

Written at 00:00 on Friday, 21 November 2003 by ChEeTaH.

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