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TS2U Special Part II
The special about The Sims 2 University has been updated, and part 2: "The House of your Dreams" has been added. This part contains information about the improved build mode in The Sims 2. Just to give you a sneak-peek: here's a snippet:
"After selecting an area to build on, it's time to actually build that house of your Sims' dreams. New to The Sims 2 are the foundations, which will allow you to build on hilly terrain. In The Sims 1 hills caused a lot of problems when you built your house, but that's no longer an issue. Simply place blocks of foundation - either straight or diagonal - anywhere on the lot, within the available tiles anyway. The foundations will be placed a bit higher than the ground itself. Because Sims don't like to take high steps, you should also place some modular stairs. Because the stairs and its railings can be placed manually, you're able to create many different stairs, with no, 1 or 2 railings, in any combination you like."
You can read the new part here. To read the entire special from the start (yesterday's bit has been changed a tiny little bit), click here. Come back soon for more content!

Written at 00:41 on Thursday, 20 November 2003 by ChEeTaH.

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