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I've been away for a few days, and haven't really been able to keep the news up-to-date. So here's a newsflash with the latest news of the past couple of days. We have SimDay, and a lot of screenshots, as well as a magazine article. First the screenshots: there are 8 new Bustin' Out screenshots from GameSpot. They're for the GBA version, and you can see them right here. Some more Sims 2 shots are available at The Sims 2 Creation. Click "Screenshots", and then follow the "Les Screenshots à voir absolument!" link. The last 6 of them are new. Another site, Sims2Center has posted a scan of a 2-page article from PC Gamer magazine. Click here to load it. At SimDay there were a few new things. The first thing is a little layout change - the "BBS/Fans" item has been renamed to Community. Of course there was also a chat with MaxisProducer Cooper Buckingham and Lead Tester Sean Hugunin from Maxis. Check out the transcripts. You can now also download the Makin' Magic commercial, which you download it from this page. A new Makin' Magic wallpaper has been added as well, which shows Mortimer dancing with the skeleton maid. Go right here to download it. Finally there are some links to several reviews of Makin' Magic, which you can find over here. That's the quick newsround, of course it'll be kept up-to-date as before again from now on.

Written at 00:26 on Tuesday, 18 November 2003 by ChEeTaH.

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