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It's been Simday a few days ago, but since then a few more things have happened at the official site. The first thing is an ad for a "focus group", which Sims fans who live in the San Francisco Bay area can sign up for. If you're between 14 and 34, then you can sign up to give your opinion about The Sims on Monday 17 or Tuesday 18 November (which is in just over a week). You can earn a $75 fee, for just one and a half to two hours of 'work'. More information is right here. Secondly, and finally, there's the chat transcript of last Thursday's chat, with Luc Barthelet, about The Sims 2 and Bella Goth. About 500 people entered the chat, which made it very busy for the moderators. A lot of questions got answered in 1 hour, but there were many left unanswered too. Some of the major new things are that 'CAS' (Create A Sim, which Luc hopes will be named "SimExtruder") won't be released until December, simply because it's not ready yet. Marrying an NPC (yes, it is possible apparantly), won't mean the NPC will lose his/her job. They'll even have a personality. Like the tragic clown, we won't see Servo in The Sims 2. There will be tutorials for creating body meshes etc. As for cheats: The Sims 2 will have them, and rosebud, which Will Wright came up with, will still exist. The length of one part of a Sim's lifecycle is known: babies are only 2-3 sims days, before they'll grow up to toddlers. The final system requirements should arrive in a few days. There's also a bit of news about the amount of floors. According to Luc there will be 4 floors in total (3 plus an attic), but with the "I believe" after it we can't be 100% sure. Thought bubbles will now be in colour, and of course there will be gnomes and pink flamingoes again. Two of the unanswered questions (well, the french one was answered with "Je ne sais pas" which means "I don't know" are "What kind of weather will there be? Just rain and sunshine" and "Je sais que vous comprenez pas tous le francais mais es ce que Sonia et Sandra seront cancer?". Many others probably never saw the screens of the visitors, or made it to the transcript. For the complete transcript, with many, many more questions and answers, click here.

Written at 23:09 on Sunday, 9 November 2003 by ChEeTaH.

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