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Bustin' Out Preview, Shots and Movies
GameSpot has checked out Bustin' Out on the PlayStation 2, and posted a review with some screenshots and 4 movies. They look into the Muliplayer (online) mode, the smoother graphics (comparing it to the other 2 consoles), the soundtrack and the Single Player 'Get-A-Life' mode:
"The game will once again follow the standard goal-oriented structure the series is known for. However, the pacing has been tweaked quite a bit. Whereas you had a rather lengthy to-do list before being able to flee the nest in the previous game, Bustin' Out's pacing has been tweaked considerably and should have you out of the house pretty quickly. The game starts out by toying with your emotions in what will be an ongoing form of mental torture, as land baron Malcolm Landgrabb appears to repossess your scooter with a diabolical-looking teleporter rifle. You should get used to the abuse as Malcolm Landgrabb will appear anytime you arrive at a location where there's something remotely cool--and he'll promptly snatch it away! Getting back your stuff and thwarting his evil practices are one of the major bullet points on your to-do list."
There are many comparisons to last year's "The Sims" on the consoles. GameSpot's posted this preview with 18 new screenshots. Those can be found here, while the 3-page preview starts here. Finally, there are 4 new movies for GameSpot Complete members...

This first one shows the Create-A-Sim menu in high-speed. You can see how a Sim is created from scratch, and how everything can be tweaked. The second one shows some hot dance-floor action, where the girl that was created in the first movie finds a guy, and of course there's some kissing. It ends with the "You're a great kisser" screen, which is seen in some recent screenshots (including the ones posted with the preview). The third is how our Sim prepares breakfast in her Mother's (?) house. You might also notice the motives bar interface in this clip. The final one shows several actions Sims can do: selling/destroying some objects with some kind of gun, a little cat-fight, and our Sim dancing to the music coming out of the jukebox. In all these movies you can see there are similarities but also many differences from the PC version of the game. With nearly 100 Mb in total (in High Resolution) it's a big download, but well worth it for the fans. The high resolution versions of these movies require QuickTime, and you have to be a GameSpot Complete member to be able to download them. You can download them from this page.
Written at 14:51 on Saturday, 1 November 2003 by ChEeTaH.

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