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Sims 2 Screenshots
We have some new graphics of The Sims 2 for you, directly from Maxis. It's fashion time so it seems, as two of them are from SACAS (Stand Alone Create A Sim tool - Maxis is still looking for a new name for that. E-mail me if you have one and I'll forward it). Two others show off different Sims (male and female) in different outfits. The SACAS ones look similar but are slightly different. Finally, there's a (huge) film strip. It shows what happens when a shy Sim and an outgoing Sim compete for their first kiss with the boy from next door. Click the images below to see the bigger versions. Note that the filmstrip is 2 Mb, and may take quite a while to load.

SACAS Image 1 SACAS Image 2 Fashion Female
Fashion Male
Film Strip (Warning: 2 Mb!)

Also, our affiliate SimsZone.de has posted 3 screenshots from a German magazine. The quality isn't great because the pictures are scanned. You can find them on the front page ("Die Sims 2: Drei weitere Bilder"), or in their screenshots index under "Die Sims 2" at the right.

Written at 13:17 on Sunday, 26 October 2003 by ChEeTaH.

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