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A bit later than usual (due to problems with my internet connection), but here's the SimDay post anyway. This week we've got a couple of links, another chat (that has been last night) with Luc Barthelet about "Sexy Sims and ?!?". Over 350 people joined the chat and the transcripts will be posted soon. There's also something about Makin' Magic going gold, which we discussed earlier. There are also several links to articles at other sites...

First of all, there's a link to The Sims Resource which has launched a new TS2 section. To go there, click here. Then there's a link to a version of the Bustin' Out trailer, which we also talked about some time ago. You can view the Windows Media version at TeamXbox.com, to be precise at this page.

Finally there are 2 articles from GameSpot. The first one is a Makin' Magic (Hands on) preview. It's not much more than a list of the features. To read it, click here. Then there's part II of the designer's diary of Bustin' Out. This time it's Mike Perry talking about the game. Part of the article is about how the new moves of the Sims were made: with motion-capture. It comes with a (16 Mb) trailer showing some of the new moves. Here's a bit of the article:
"How did we come up with these special moves in The Sims Bustin' Out? The development process involved a fair amount of planning and a whole lot of acting. First, the team brainstormed crazy ideas and posted notes of visual concepts on the walls to generate more ideas. We then projected the ideas on a giant projector screen and had very animated discussions with everyone on the team about what would work in the game. Most game development meetings don't have an art director demonstrating the "pull my finger" joke, but ours do. It was also important to expand on socials that already existed in the game, such as kissing. Many additional ideas came about, like what social moves we could fit into each new location. For example, the towel snap is a great way to discipline some namby-pamby weakling at the gym location, and the spank is the perfect move for making a new friend at Club Rubb."
You can find the complete, 2-page article right here. The trailer can be downloaded from this page. It's the one called "Trailer 4". That's all for this week again. We'll let you know when the chat transcript is up.
Written at 00:31 on Saturday, 11 October 2003 by ChEeTaH.

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