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Chat Transcript
Contrary to what the original SimDay post said, last thursday's chat wasn't with Jonathan Knight but with Jenna Chalmers instead. She's one of the designers on Makin' Magic. Here are a few quotes from Jenna, about Rollercoasters, living in Magic town, spells for kids, a spell to get money, and careers:
"We wanted to give you pieces to play with...so that you could build your own rollercoaster. You will have various track pieces....and also larger "ride" pieces."
"Magic Town has three residential lots. In order to move there, it will cost you simoleons and magicoins. You earn magicoins by performing magic in magic town."
"There is a spell where the kids can send a "clone" to school in their place, which i guess means they could stay home and study :-)"
"Of course! Rain of Riches will create tresure on your lot that you can sell or enjoy of course, if it backfires you get.... Rain."
"Magic does not replace your career...but since you can create money, you may not be interested in going to work any longer. Like the kids, you can send a clone to work in your place. Even though you don't *need* a job, you will still want to work on those skills, especially logic, mechanical, and cooking."
There's a lot more about specific spells, the dangerous animals (dragons, snakes), content of the pack, and more. There will be chats every thursday at the same time (3PM PST, which is 11pm in the UK, and midnight in most of Western Europe). The next guest is yet unknown though. For the chat transcript from last thursday, click here. It's quite a long chat, but worth the read if you're interested in Makin' Magic.

Written at 14:20 on Saturday, 27 September 2003 by ChEeTaH.

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