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The Sims Double Deluxe!
Maxis is making yet another repackaging of The Sims 1 and expansion packs for those people who still haven't found The Sims yet. As if "The Sims Deluxe Edition" was not enough, Maxis brings us "The Sims Double Deluxe". "The Sims Double Deluxe" will enclude all the content of the original "The Sims" game, "The Sims: Livin` Large expansion pack", "The Sims: House Party expansion pack", plus two exclusive Decorator Sets (Japanese and African sets). The game is set for release in September 2003 . Bonus content will also be a part of this must-have collection including dozens of new walls, floors, and objects in African and Asian design themes. For all current Sims players, this bonus material will be available as a free download at TheSims.com! Each week Maxis will feature a download of the new obejcts from this pack.

This product is really targeted for new Simmers (people with out the sims at all), but if you do not have Livin' Large, or House Party, it has all the features of those games plus a little more, so it is equivalent to getting them. If you do have The Sims, Livin' Large, and House Party this is not worth your time or money, but if you are missing one or more of these games it may be easier, cheaper, and better to buy this pack of them together. Plus with "The Sims 2" coming next year, Maxis is tring to get as many people hooked on The Sims, and squeeze as much money from the games as they can before this version become outdated by TS2.
Written at 20:17 on Sunday, 24 August 2003 by Stash.

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