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SimDay: Makin' Magic now official
This week's SimDay comes with the final confirmation of Makin' Magic. Most likely it won't change its name anymore. The initial announcement posted a couple of weeks ago officially wasn't official yet, this one is. You can read the official press release here. Along with the press release Maxis has released 3 new screenshots of the upcoming expansion pack, which are to be seen at this page. They show several new objects and a few gardening gnomes. Finally there's a link to an article at USA Weekend. They start off with the example of a mansion without smoke detectors or a phone that's on fire, which fortunately exists only in The Sims. 12 year old Alison Newell has learnt from the game:
"OK, Sam's a genius. I knew that. But young Alison, too, has learned from The Sims. When she gets older and lives on her own, she says, "I'll make sure I have a phone and smoke detector.""
The article compares The Sims with reality a bit. It's a nice read, so click here to make it show up on your screen. That's it again this week.

Written at 18:54 on Thursday, 31 July 2003 by ChEeTaH.

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