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New poll
Although we haven't been online too much last week, we did have a poll running. This week, as normal, we've added a new poll. We're wondering which name for the new expansion pack you like better: Makin' Magic, or Spellbound. Let us know, by voting on the right, or at this page. Last week's poll didn't get too many votes, because of our server move. Just 58 people voted. The question was: "What items for The Sims do you make and publish yourself?". 31 people voted they make nothing, 17 people went for houses/families, Objects (13), Walls (12) and Floors (11) follow after that. They're followed by Skins/Meshes (9) and roofs (8). If you add up those numbers, you'll get higher than 58: that's because you could select several options, not just one. For more poll results, click here.

Written at 02:17 on Thursday, 31 July 2003 by ChEeTaH.

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