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We're back... sort of [Update 2]
Our regular visitors may have noticed this site's been offline for a while since Friday. We've been transferred to a new server (according to our host it should be faster and more reliable), which is now up and running. Currently, only thesimszone.com is working, our .co.uk domain still has been updated (and will be working soon). That should be done soon, and we hope that will be working again later this week. It will be back completely by Wednesday. Unfortunately, the back-up of our database was done before the site was taken offline, so we've lost several things since the site got deleted: all member sign-ups, votes in the poll and a news post about the last SimDay have gone lost. Those who signed up Thursday or Friday might have to sign up again. Please try logging in first, if it says your username is invalid you know you have to register again. You can use the same username as before. If you're lucky you can vote in the poll again. If not, there's unfortunately nothing you can do - you'll be able to vote again in the next poll that will be posted on Thursday as usual.

We also still have a few things to set up. E-mails will arrive, but they might not arrive at the right person. Also we still need to set up a few things to get the donation files working again. There might be another few minor things to go through.

If you sent us an email recently and we haven't replied to it, or we still have to add/change your link, help you out, whatsoever, just e-mail me and I'll make sure you get the help you need.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by the move and the downtime. The Sims Zone is now back and running as normal, except for the .co.uk domain not working just yet.

[Update 28 July 2003, 0:30] Our thesimszone.co.uk domain has been updated, and will be active again within 24-48 hours (depending on your ISP). It might still need some tweaking once it's up, but we should be back completely again by Wednesday. E-mails might not (properly) arrive for another 24 hours though. Please do not send us emails today, wait until 29 July. Thank you.

[Update 31 July 2003, 10:20] It's all working again now, both .co.uk and .com. We'll soon be swapping the domains back, so thesimszone.co.uk will be our main domain. Besides that I'll be making a fix to make the time show correctly again (it's 1 hour behind now). All of that should be fixed soon.

Now: on to the news that you've missed while The Sims Zone was offline, including the SimDay...

This week's SimDay wasn't too much. First of all, there are the final tracks for the Superstar OST. You can now download the last 2 songs you need to have the whole CD. You can find all tracks and the covers and labels right here. Besides that there are links to two articles. One is the Designer's Diary of The Sims 2, which we discussed last week, and a preview of Makin' Magic on GameSpy, which we also discussed last week. The final thing is that there are three new SimMasters working on the BBS at the official site. SimMasterSherry, SimMasterMaaBear, and SimMasterBurpie are those three. We wish them good luck. If you want to wish them good luck too, go to the BBS and congratulate them there. That's all for this week's SimDay.

New TSO Clone for PC and Mac:
A game called Second Life is in the make for PC and Macintosh players. The game will be a bit like The Sims Online, where people can build up a virtual existence, online. Here's the official description:
"Second Life is an expansive online society, lived in and built by its participants. Join a 3D world full of people, activity, and fun, where you and fellow residents can build a shared reality. You choose your own goals – travel and explore, claim and build on virtual land, make friends and socialize, or vie for status and wealth. Whatever you choose to do, your Second Life starts now."
The game is more expensive than TSO unless you get a lifetime subscription ($225). The current release date for PC is set to Q3 2003, but no exact date is known. Beta testing on the Mac will start this Fall, and the release date is set to late 2003. More information about this game can be found at Secondlife.com. Mac players can go here for a small bit of extra info. Thanks to thesims.pagina.nl for the tip.

That's all the news you've missed. Not too much, but it's something.
Written at 14:36 on Sunday, 27 July 2003 by ChEeTaH.

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