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Last week we asked you if you think Makin' Magic will be worth getting. 243 People voted, and most of them - 119 (49%) - will definitly be getting the seventh expansion pack. Second place are those who definitly will not get the game, but will wait with for The Sims 2 instead (46 - 19%). Then there are those who might get it: 37 votes (15%) for those who doubt they'll buy it, unless it's very good, closely followed by the 35 people (14%) who'll check out some review before deciding on buying the expansion pack. The other who won't get it follow far behind: 4 people (2%) are done with all Sims stuff, 2 people (1%) are just sick of all the expansion packs. This week we ask you if you make and publish any items for The Sims yourself, and if so, which ones. Please let us know by voting on the right or at this page. More polls are in our archive.

Written at 02:32 on Thursday, 24 July 2003 by ChEeTaH.

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