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SimDay Report: Lots of new stuff
A lot's been going on in this week's SimDay: A Gamespot article about The Sims Phenomena, a feature on TVGuide.com, the SimGolf Demo and Fansite kit and last but not least: a Vacation feedback forum.

" Since The Sims itself appeals to a broader, less hard-core audience than that of many other popular games, Sims fans don't demand huge performance improvements that would probably require a new game engine--and therefore, a full sequel. Instead, they're content with just getting more game content. Parties and dates are fun, but I hope that Maxis gets a little more adventurous with its expansions--The Sims: Medieval Dungeon? The Sims: Alien Invasion? The possibilities are endless."
That's a bit of what GameSpot.com has to say about The Sims. They've written an article about "The Sims, Moon Colony 7". Read the full article here.

Another site featuring The Sims this week is TVGuide.com:
"Say, for example, your Sim character, Laura, sees that lothario Steve approaching on the boardwalk. She compliments his jacket. Steve says he just bought it. Laura mentions that she has some shopping to do and asks Steve if he'd care to join her. Steve agrees. They shop for a while and then, over a romantic dinner, Steve surprises Laura with a gift. The relationship meter looks good. So, do you take a chance and have Laura ask Steve to come back to her place? Or should she play it safe, ending the date with a polite kiss and a hug?"
You can read that nice article over here. Scroll a bit to the bottom and you'll find it.

It's released: The SimGolf official demo. The full game will be released next week, but you can now already find out what it'll be like by getting the demo. If you have the time to download a 39.2 mb file, click here. To get the firaxis theme pack, which is only 301 kb, click here. More information can be found at the SimGolf website.

Finally: if you think that Maxis should put one of your ideas in the new expansion pack, Vacation, then there's good news for you: there's a Vacation Feedback Forum. "Where would you like to take your Sims for a vacation?" is the important question Maxis asks you this week. Click here to visit the BBS at the official site.
Written at 19:35 on Thursday, 17 January 2002 by ChEeTaH.

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