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New The Sims clone in the make
This news is not directly The Sims related, but it does look like a clone of the game is being made. The german developer Rotobee is working on 'Singles', a.k.a. 'Living Up' (which probably reminds many of the Sims' first expansion pack). Little is known of this title, except that the goal is to get a 'Sim' (Mike or Linda), and hook them up with somebody else. It's all about relationships, including sex. It seems to be a somewhat erotic version of The Sims, probably not for our youngest readers. There are 9 screenshots, which are quite harmless. As you can see on them, the interface of the game is really similar to The Sims. Some screenshots can be found at Rotobee's website. The website WorthPlaying has recently posted 12 screenshots too, which look quite different (just 3 motive bars, everything's pink). These could be from an earlier version of the game. To check out those, click here. The game's expected to be released November 2003.

Written at 03:05 on Wednesday, 16 July 2003 by ChEeTaH.

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