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Expansion 7: Makin' Magic (instead of Spellbound) [Update 18:30]
We've heard a lot about a seventh expansion pack in the past, called Spellbound. It looks like that was just a working title, as a press release has already leaked: The Sims Makin' Magic will be released 31 October in Europe, probably a week earlier (24 October) in the US. Although the press release isn't available in English yet, there's a Dutch version of it available at this page (at the official Dutch site). Sims will be able to cast magical tricks to improve their love life, cause chaos at angry neighbours, or make an end to all their worries. There will be another new area ("Magic Town") where you can meet new characters, show off your magic, or discover secret recipes for spells. You can also change the regular objects into personal helps, hypnotise your friends or change that boring woman nextdoor into a frog. If your Sims aren't skilled enough, anything can go wrong. That's about all that the press release says. When there's an English press release available (which will be very soon), we'll mention it. Stay tuned!

[Update 18:30] I missed the two screenshots at the bottom of the press release. Here they are anyway:

Written at 20:08 on Wednesday, 9 July 2003 by ChEeTaH.

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