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Site upgrades
You might've noticed the new counter at the top of each page. This is yet another improvement to The Sims Zone after the hit trackers for affiliates and links a while ago, and now the showing of banners and/or buttons for them too.

We've also added a legal section. In there, you can read about the copyrights at The Sims Zone and how we will deal with any violations. You can read it here in the This Site part under extras.

We're currently working with 2 people on upgrading the site. We don't work on the same parts though, that's why the files section still hasn't had its upgrade. Expect it to be upgraded soon though, so we can provide you even better services here at The Sims Zone. We will keep you updated on any updates for this site.
Written at 00:13 on Monday, 14 January 2002 by ChEeTaH.

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