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More about Spellbound
The Bank of America Security Software Market Oulook 2003 has predicted one more expansion pack before the release of The Sims 2. The expansion would arrive in fall 2003. Although they report it as yet unnamed, Spellbound is most likely the name since that's what Amazon had up for pre-order late last month (they removed it now). The Bank of America doesn't state this is the very last expansion pack for The Sims 1, and as Will Wright said in an audio interview with GameSpy, we can still expect an 8th expansion after Spellbound. Will said they might be expanding The Sims 1 after The Sims 2 is out, because there will still be people playing the old game, and not everybody will have the system necessary for The Sims 2. Read a bit more (but not much) at IGN.

Written at 13:09 on Wednesday, 11 June 2003 by ChEeTaH.

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