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The Sims 2 Best simulation game at E3
The Sims 2 has won its first award. The website IGN PC has given The Sims 2 the award for Best Simulation Game shown at the E3 a week ago. This is what they say about it:
"This is the game you'll want to know about if you're at all interested in titles where the domination and control and development of other people is the main premise. It's the same Sims you know and love with a new look, a load of new features and even more depth."
There's a bit more. You can check out at this page. All the other PC awards are there too. Runners-up for best simulation game were Century of Flight, Train Simulator 2 and Lock-On.

Written at 23:58 on Saturday, 24 May 2003 by ChEeTaH.

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