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How do I get my own music to play in the sims 2? I mean, how do I get the music files into the folder thing, and what folder is it? And from where do I transfer them? My Music folder, or off the program I play them on? Help!! The Sims 2 (PC/Mac) 28 Nov 2004, 08:11 3 20 Jul 2006, 10:50 1282
Okay well I put my .mp3 files into the "techno" section (randomly picked) but they still don't work!! I tried just putting them just under Music (after sims 2, ea games, etc.) but they don't play!!! The Sims 2 (PC/Mac) 30 Nov 2004, 06:50 4 3 Jan 2005, 02:22 1305
I am running sims deluxe + sims unleashed + hot date + makin' magic on Windows XP Pro. When I start the program at neighborhood screen it won't open a house although sims music on. I have reinstalled but same thing happens again. What can I do to cure it? Installation / Game Starting Issues 31 Jul 2004, 15:40 2 13 Aug 2004, 18:56 1571
Does anyone know where I can find a complete score/piano music for the tracks on the Sims cd? Where can I find...? 18 Apr 2004, 17:36 1 25 Apr 2004, 18:28 1572
i know how to put songs on my radio but i dont know where to get the file c:/program files/maxis/the sims/gamedata/music/stations/ from. can someone explain? Where can I find...? 30 Jun 2006, 01:12 1 4 Sep 2006, 07:45 1580
Where can i find really working music instruments like drum, violin etc for my sims? Where can I find...? 18 Mar 2005, 12:59 1 29 Mar 2005, 00:41 1587
Where is build6.mp3? I cant find it in my music directory. Is it on my Sims CD? Where can I find...? 27 Sep 2006, 21:58 1 27 Sep 2006, 22:01 1634
How can i get my own music to play on the sims2 radio, i could do it on the original sims but the files for the sims2 are different Can you have...? 17 Feb 2005, 21:31 2 10 Jun 2006, 12:35 1673
How do I get 4 people to dance - What type of music do I need to play on the DJ booth? The Sims 2 (PS2, XBox, GameCube) 30 Jan 2006, 15:05 2 21 May 2006, 21:23 1695
Can you get your own music onto their stereos like on ts1? If so, how? Can you have...? 19 Dec 2004, 21:37 3 24 Jan 2005, 19:03 1700
Hello, I like much to be called on to the piano and I want to know if somebody wise person the name of the called song "build3", that is in the CD of "The Sims1" in the Music/modes/build/build3 folder. I like who if somebody knows its name me, me says it The Sims 1 30 Jun 2004, 06:38 2 4 Sep 2004, 11:45 1749
I am playing Sims on PS2. I am at the part where my sim needs to find a friend of her roommates to move in with. My mood hunger everything is up and friendship, but the sims keep telling me my party sucks. I have done everything, music, hottub, food, etc. The Sims 1 5 Oct 2006, 04:31 2 24 Jul 2007, 09:04 1751
Why is there no more music or sound when I play? It just stopped all of a sudden and the volume and everything is on. The Sims 1 29 Aug 2004, 03:58 2 29 Aug 2004, 20:43 1764
ok i have 1 out of 5 stars filled i used to be drivin to studio town with a white car now i have a black limo its cool but why? becuz i am getting more famous?BTW im a country music singer isnt that osm? lol Superstar 9 May 2005, 02:12 2 4 Oct 2005, 16:19 1784
Anyone know where I might find the musical scores for the 'build' mode music? I really love those piano solos! The Sims 1 25 Mar 2005, 15:19 4 29 Mar 2005, 16:28 1827
Hi i'm stuck on another want in my game (sims 2 PS2) i have to get four sims to dance but i dont know how ive tried turning on the music and dancing myself but there is no option to ask someone to join you so i have no ideas. any suggestions PLEASE The Sims 2 (PS2, XBox, GameCube) 28 Oct 2006, 10:00 1 19 Nov 2006, 20:45 1917
How do you slow dance? I have two married sims, both relationships are at 100..I turn on the music, but I still cant get them to slow dance! Its even one of her wants. what's wrong? Open for Business 14 Jun 2006, 08:05 4 21 Dec 2007, 04:58 1926
i have a problem that happens when i try to go to the magic town and the blimp come i get in and then i hear the magic town music then it goes right back to my desk top and it happens tot he vaction one to i go and get in cab pick the spot Makin' Magic 17 Feb 2004, 04:53 13 25 Jul 2004, 00:28 2048
Having spent many hours sorting out installation and the "Cannot locate the CR-Rom" problems we still cannot get the game to run. We get sound and music but the game will not load. There are no pictures or graphics. Installation / Game Starting Issues 13 Nov 2004, 15:54 1 24 Jan 2005, 17:57 2141
how can i get my music to play on my sims radio? Creating Things 11 Oct 2004, 23:15 4 22 Jan 2005, 02:34 2366
I just heard music after my new born pup was finished and the little house dissapeared. Is this supposed to be normal? i don't get to own the puppy? Unleashed 21 Feb 2006, 05:24 9 1 Sep 2016, 03:51 2452
Is there any way to "redirect" the \Documents and Settings\User\My documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Music directory to my own music directory to avoid copying all the mp3's I want to hear in the game? Creating Things 27 Dec 2004, 01:55 1 28 Dec 2004, 00:06 2486
Can i get my music to play on the sims radio,if so how? Makin' Magic 17 Feb 2004, 22:19 1 18 Feb 2004, 01:16 2762
How exactly do you get into the modeling and film industry, ive tried and tried but i suck, also how do you move up in music industry after making a jingle? Superstar 6 Feb 2004, 08:57 3 16 Jul 2005, 04:16 2831
add music to the game and how would you be able to do this Will you be able to...? 12 May 2005, 21:11 3 17 Feb 2012, 03:44 3292
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