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I am on level 5 and one of my missions is to become mayor. It says have to talk to O. Pil McClean and have a -50 relationship with him. Does that mean I have to insult him or does that mean that I have to be nice to him? He wont talk at -15 rel.
Asked at 16:31 on Sunday 14 March 2004 by Hayley (girlygirl09) Report this Question

2 Answers
you have to insult him, because below 0 means the person dislikes you or is annoyed with you. dont worry, wait a couple days and work on your other goals or earn some money playing games. then O.PhilMcClean will eventually talk to you.
Answered at 01:33 on Wednesday 17 March 2004 by hope (simsuperstar)
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Wait a few days and check if they are still mad at you, it usually helps if you find out what insults takes more points off so you usually know. If you make one insult at a time, [close their "box" and talk to them again], you can go on insulting them for as long as you want [even if it's up to -75]. You just have to remember to make an insult, press B, then talk to them again. Sorry if it doesn't work, I tried it in Urbz, and it worked darn good x3
Answered at 04:32 on Friday 18 March 2005 by Ayana (AyanurRs)
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