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do u have to have the eye toy to play the Sims 2 on ur PS2?
Asked at 02:14 on Thursday 15 June 2006 by Kristal (K2007) Report this Question

2 Answers
No. I know this because I don't. [I don't even know what exactly an eye toy is.]
Answered at 16:20 on Tuesday 27 June 2006 by Sorcererlady
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Hi no you dont HAVE to but you CAN. You can use it by plugging in the EYE TOY into the PS2, then during gameplay, go to EYETOY USB, which is next to where you go to the build and buy catalogues. You can take up to 5 pictures [of yourself etc] and then after you have taken them, go to the buy catalogue, go to decorative, then buy the MOODSCAPE picture frame, put it on one of your walls. Then return to game play. Then make your sim go up to the picture, click X, and it will say CHANGE PICTURE...... you can change the picture to any of the 5 you took with the eye-toy. There will be a picture of you up in your sims house! cool or what?! by the way, i have an unanswered question for the SIMS 2, PS2. Its the one about REDS and the location and have i missed one. If you get the chance could you you possibly help me with it? im really stuck! hope i have helped you with your question! and good luck with the rest of the game. Robyn x
Answered at 20:39 on Sunday 2 July 2006 by Robyn (RobynKP)
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