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In the episode 'It Came To An End' how do i convince Emeror Xizzle to give me the super powered water pistol?
Asked at 16:45 on Saturday 18 March 2006 by bri (bri_badger) Report this Question

2 Answers
you have to anoy him!!
Answered at 03:54 on Tuesday 6 June 2006 by kelly meyer (funnybunnyKM)
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[6.03] It All Came to an End

In a scheme for higher ratings Daddy Bigbucks decides a tradegy should befall
Strangetown in this season ending cliffhanger!

Stars *****

You start the season finale with Daddy Bigbucks planning on make Optimum
Alfred amok. You need another bad guy according to Bigbucks. Time to get

Get a high-powered Super Drencher from Emperor Xizzle

Talk to the Emperor, who is in his little space ship and you have to convince
him why he should make a mega drencher. Intimidate the Emperor and that will
convince him that he should hand it over to you. Now you have a very strong
drencher. You should see Burple beam up and talk to him for the errand.

Drench Optimum Alfred to turn him evil!

The errand is to deliver a toy to the Emperor. Walk outside for a commerical
break. Finish the game and back on task. Anyway, head to the factory and give
Alfred, who is standing outside, a nice quick blast of water.

Anyway, after the blast, Alfred goes boom and Ara and Dusty come in. They then
wonder off to Tristan who probably invented him. You get a call from Daddy
Bigbucks to head off to the Office, which your Sim forgot about. Head there

Report back to Daddy Bigbucks in his Boardroom

Head back to the boardroom and Daddy is stand there waiting. Daddy now wants
to sell Alfred's parts online. So. you have new orders.

Find all five pieces of Optimum Alfred

Walk outside and talk to Mrs Hogg. She said she saw Alfred's head fly to the
warehouse. Lets proceed there. While we are going on the warehouse, you will
find Alfred's arm and torso so pick that up as well. When you arrive at the
warehouse, you will see Frankie with the head at his feet, so pick up the
head and move on. In the town, Tank saw a flaming hand fly to the greenhouse,
so lets head there next. On the way there, you will see the Emperor so give
him his toy. Now you will see Ava and Honest Jackson standing over the arm.
The realise that is it Alfred so take the piece and run. Head to the workshop
and you will see Jimmy. He says that a leg flew over to the dam. First, pick
up the pick of Alfred near Jimmy and then proceed to the dam. You will see the
feet at the beginning of the dam. Then when all five pieces of Alfred is
together, he talks. Yes, he realises that he was on a reality television show
and thought that you would stand up to Daddy Bigbucks. But you lost his trust
by killing him off so you have to find someone else to fix him.

Convince Tristian Legend to rebuild Optimum Alfred.

The hidden want is to get the Jar of Plutoium from Lord Mole's throne and give
it to Penelope Redd. She'll run off and that is your Hidden Want done.

Tristian is in the casino. Talk to him. He doesn't want to rebuild Alfred
because his time was nearly up so you have to convince him. Be friendly with
him and **** help. Tristian built Alfred at the age of 5! So Alfred is over
30 years old.

Tristian rebuilds Alfred and Alfred rats you out by telling the town that they
are all on Television. Strangetown is a television show. The town fights you
and you end up in prison. They realise that Daddy B is the main crook behind
this. Daddy B walks in and gives you a choice. You can either continue to do
his bidding or go against him.

There are two alternate choices with two alternate paths.

"OK. just let me out!"

This one involves you convince 3 people that Strangetown is not a television
show at all. Also, you have to get rid of Alfred.

Convince three people that Optimum Alfred lied!

You have to be friendly with people so use friendly conversations with people.
Then, they will realise that Alfred went bonkers and lied about the whole TV
thing. You can talk to Mrs Hogg who is next Dusty's House, Pepper Pete who is
near the saloon and Ara who is in Frankie Fusilli's house. Now for phase 2.

Get Optimum Alfred to leave town!

Alfred is at the workshop. He agrees to leave town if you pay a sum of ยง4,000
to him. Alfred will leave town and Daddy B has arranged the town to do
something to you at the city centre. Head there to see what it is ...

I won't spoil the ending, watch for it yourself.

"I'm not your pawn!"

Daddy B decides he doesn't need you anymore and you have to try to get out of
the slammer.

Convince Jimmy the Neck to let you out of jail!

Talk your way out of trouble. Start a friendly conservation with Jimmy and he
will let you out ... on a condition

Destroy all of the town's surveillance cameras (one per area).

Right, lets get started. Use your super drencher on it to destroy it. The
first camera is on the side of the casino. Second, on Dusty's Home. Third is
next to the red ship, near the guy selling books. Fourth is on the warehouse.
Fifth on near the UFO crash site. That should be the last of the cameras. Time
to pay Daddy B a visit. Head to the Boardroom.

I won't spoil this ending either.

Answered at 20:48 on Wednesday 20 June 2007 by Jackie (BigRed)
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