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Where is the Nerdie Trophie located?
Asked at 19:50 on Wednesday 4 January 2006 by Mercy (Mercedes) Report this Question

1 Answer
Streeties - From the Sim Quarter, go down into the Graveyard, then through to
the passageway at the top, near the Statue of Daddy Bigbucks. Go through the
passage, then straight down between the buildings, as if you were going back
to the Bayou. Once you get past those buildings, you'll see a couple of
graves. Check those until you see an arrow, or simply press the button until
you pick something up.

Nerdies - Get on the road that leads from Glasstown to the Carnival -- it's at
the very left of town. Go all the way up until you hit the wall/fence. On
the right, there are two trees sticking out of the pavement. Walk up to them
and search around until you see an arrow.

Artsies - Go to the stump in the Bayou where you play the Red Man's Fiddling
game. From there, go down and walk around until you see an arrow appear on
the ground. If it's not there, try by some of the Venus Fly Traps -- those
plants that try to eat you.

Richies - Go to the Megamall in Glasstown. On the second floor, there is a
row of TVs with two computers on the end. Walk up to the computers. You
should see an arrow appear, but even if you don't, press the pickup button

Remember, if an arrow doesn't appear where the trophy should be, press the
button anyway and you'll end up picking it up.
Answered at 00:04 on Sunday 8 January 2006 by Delano (Delano)
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