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how i complete the mission "Guard the cemetery for 4 hours"?
Asked at 03:06 on Saturday 9 April 2005 by Gustavo (gugi_poke) Report this Question

3 Answers
u just answer the qustions
but if u havent got that far go between 11pm and 12pm and u have to have 5 body or chrisma and u act all tough if u have 5 body and u win
Answered at 20:20 on Saturday 9 April 2005 by emma (britishemma)
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This is what you do:
Either get 5 charisma(u get lily gates) or 5 body(u get darius)I would suggest doing 5 charisma.Lily is pretty easy.Just make up laws or stuff that they give u.Darius is like a buff contest thing.Then go to the cemetary at 11pm - 12 pm.daddy B will come and you will have a weird arguement.Then he will send either lily o darius.If you choose lily just use stuff that makes sense.LIke when she says why arnet u wearing a uniform (last question) "say this IS ur uniform."
Answered at 19:34 on Sunday 24 July 2005 by Helen (scaryredgirl)
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wat exactly do u say to darius? plz spill... i mean plz tell
Answered at 20:54 on Tuesday 26 July 2005 by lin (guychiq11)
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