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I can't find the ghost!! Where is he!?!
Asked at 21:51 on Thursday 31 March 2005 by Sarah (Xx_SiMs_LuVa_xX) Report this Question

4 Answers
He's at the Goth Manor or whatever it's called. He usually comes around either midnight or 1:00am. ;P
Answered at 18:59 on Saturday 2 April 2005 by Shannon (shannon2710)
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Go underground in the tunnels and there is a special ladder, just go throug everyone until you find it, and make sure it is night and **** be there. he is kinda hard to see, but you can see him.
Answered at 04:39 on Saturday 4 June 2005 by Rachel (pinksweetheart1)
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The ghost is in the Haunted Shak but he will only come out at midnight till 6:00 am.
Answered at 22:41 on Friday 29 July 2005 by Heidi (Hezzie-C)
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u know the general store in sim valley?well go to the sewer under it and go left down left and climb the ladder.
Answered at 23:16 on Monday 1 August 2005 by Helen (scaryredgirl)
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