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my dad is letting me dowload a lot for the sims2 from the sims2 website. i havent done it yet and i need 2 no where to save it. i remember trying to dowload stuf 4 the sims1 and that was hard. what do i do once i download? wher do i save it? HELP ME!
Asked at 04:08 on Tuesday 29 March 2005 by Charlotte Walmsley (Charlie_Warlie) Report this Question

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All you need to do is save it and wait till it's downloaded and then at your computer main screen there it will be and then double click on it and press install and then you have it in your game, so say it was a house you download it then go on your game and it will be there i'm not sure about a sim though!hope i helped!!
Answered at 20:37 on Tuesday 29 March 2005 by Sam (samwky12345)
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i still dont undastand. wher do i need to save it? if i dubl clik on it, wil it giv me the option to install? im still not clear. sorry. i need mor help.
Answered at 00:27 on Wednesday 30 March 2005 by Charlotte Walmsley (Charlie_Warlie)
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double click it and extract it into the sims folder under downloads
Answered at 13:20 on Friday 1 April 2005 by clariss ann (clariss)
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make a folder on desktop name it Sims 2 goodies
then when you see something you wish to download click and save when it asks where to save you save it to that folder (also though I save mine to sub folders inside that folder
for instance inside the above mentioned goodies folder I have a folder for Objects and skins and walls and floors and houses and hacks
then when I save I save to the folder that the download fits clothes in skins couches etc in objects

then when I am done downloading
I then use Win Rar to open them
You can download the Win rar free at download.com
I always extract them all to a TEMP folder I make on desktop then when I have all the Objects files opened I go in and delete any read only files and picture files I drag any little blue icon files out to a second temp folder as these type need you to click to install
then I
open the Downloads folder
by going to
mydocuments/EAGames/Sims 2/Downloads
If you do Not see a downloads folder
right click and make one and name it Downloads with a Upper case D
then put all the files that are in the TEMP folder (NOT the little blue icon ones ) into the downloads folder
go back and do the same with skins etc
when done go to the folder with the little blue icon files in it and click each one and install
wham play the game
All done

You can make Sub folders for Objects walls and floors and hacks in the Downloads folder BUT NOT skins NO clothes hair skintones make up Anything that goes Directly on the skin can NOT be in a sub folder it HAS to be in the download folder itself

If you add any hacks or game mods Place them in a sub folder called HACKS that way you can easily cut and paste that folder when adding new expansion packs
Also be VERY careful to ONLY add houses that have NO hacks cause some hacks can cause issues when you have University

I hope this helps

If you need more help you can post for me at Daniela's Closet Yahoo group I am moderator there and can help you a little more

Happy Downloading
there are some great things out there to add to the game
Answered at 21:48 on Sunday 10 April 2005 by Phoenix (phoenix_risin)
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