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While downloading sims 1 at 52% loaded it said an error has occured component:Game Content, File group: Game Content, File: SoundData.far how do i fix it?
Asked at 23:44 on Wednesday 20 October 2004 by Kooka (sweetcheeks3333) Report this Question

13 Answers
Here is the info I found for this

Sim Error issues and fixes

Speed of disk can be causing componant transfer error or a dirty disk or improper uninstall could have left behind files
Be sure to uninstall then manually remove sims folder then run Sims Eraser
Be sure disk is clean
If you have a CD burner on your machine You can use that drawer to install and play the game

If not however then you will need to do the following
1. Right-click on your desktop, select New, click Folder, and name the folder CD Copy.
2. Double-click My Computer, right-click on your cdrom and click open.
3. Press control+A to highlight everything, and then press control+V to copy everything.
4. Double-click the CD Copy folder, right-click in center of the folder and click paste.
5. Remove the cd from the cdrom drive.
6. Double-click the CD Copy folder, double-click the setup folder, and then double-click the setup file (the icon will look like a computer).
After you are finished installing, you can delete the CD Copy folder

A little more help
Re: What Does "Component transfer Error" Mean?!
I was having that same problem and I figured out that it was the data2.cab file that was the problem. Set up a new folder on your desktop and copy your discs to that folder. Make sure that when you get to disc 2 copy data files 3 and 4 to the setup folder in your new folder. If it tells you it cannot copy a certain file then you've found the problem. Right now I'm trying to find a download of data2 so I can finish installing.

Links to this issue

OR maybe

Error componant transfer error

Transfer Component Error
This is due to the cd-rom speed dipping below acceptable reading levels
to read accurately. Try the following troubleshooting steps:
For Windows XP:
First, make sure that you are logged in as the Administrator (for Windows XP Professional) or Owner (for Windows
XP Home). This will usually be the first account that was created once
Windows XP was fully installed. If you are not certain, contact the manufacturer of your PC for assistance in finding your
Administrator/Owner account.
Next, make sure that all background tasks are closed before running the game. To do this:
Hold the Ctrl and Alt keys down at the same time and hit the Del key once. This will in turn bring up a window called "Task Manager". You will then see 5 tabs; Applications, Processes, Performance,
networking, and Users. Select the Processes tab; this will list all current programs that are running. Close all programs that have your login ID next to them. Your user ID is listed in the second column next to the program name. For example here is a portion of what you
should see:
Image Name
User Name
Session ID
Explorer.exe Owner 01

The Image Name column is the name of the programs currently running. The User Name column is where you will find your User
Name. The best way to check this is to locate "Explorer" and see what it says under User Name. Also, do not close any applications that say "System" next to them. Be sure not to close a program labeled "Explorer" or "Taskmgr" as
well. You close each one of these applications by clicking on each one and hitting the button "End Process". Note some applications may take multiple times before closing. Don't worry that you are
permanently changing your system configuration; these applications will return when you restart your system.
If that fails to help resolve the issue, try downloading the SafeDisc update from the following website:
If the game still fails to install, try turning off the Program Compatibility option. You can do this by going into the Program Compatability Wizard. You can find the wizard program by clicking on Start - All Programs - Accessories and you will see the
shortcut for Program Compatibility Wizard listed there. Make sure that as you walk thru the menus that you select the following
1. I want to choose from a list of programs.
The Wizard will scan your system for all
programs currently installed. Once finished, you can choose your game from the list.
2. Do not apply compatability mode.
3. Disable Visual themes.
For Windows 95/98/ME:
Try installing the latest version of DCOM for your operating system. Here are the URL's to download the version for your operating
Windows 95:
Windows 98/ME:
Also, if you have any virus protection programs like Norton or McAfee, temporarily disable them by right clicking on the icon in your system tray in the lower right corner of the desktop and selecting
"Disable" or "Exit". Also be sure to end all background programs before attempting installation. Do this by hitting Ctrl+Alt+Delete simultaneously and end tasking all applications except for Explorer
and systray.
Also, make sure that the default cdrom drive in windows for playing audio cd's is the cdrom drive that you installed the game from.
1) Go to "CONTROL PANEL" (click Start ->Settings -> Control Panel)
2) Double-Click "MULTIMEDIA"
3) Click "CD MUSIC" Tab
4) Where is says: "Default CD-ROM drive for playing CD music", choose the letter of the drive that the game was installed from.

Hope that helps
Answered at 23:31 on Monday 25 October 2004 by Phoenix (phoenix_risin)
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i think i found a website that might work.
its at http://h18004.www1.hp.com/support/files/server/us/download/9859.html
i am trying it now i dont know if it works...
Answered at 06:06 on Friday 17 June 2005 by Zach (Hobo_Hello)
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I've tried to copy file into the new folder but when it was copying the music file it came out saying, "cannot copy latin1: invalid MS-DOS function" what does that mean?
Answered at 10:51 on Friday 9 February 2007 by capricorn (capricorn5566)
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