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A Direct 9.0c compatible graphics adaptor?
Asked at 21:46 on Saturday 25 September 2004 by Anik (Anik) Report this Question

6 Answers
They do have some at Walmart, Kmart, and specialty electronics stores like Circuit City, Best Buy, Staples, etc. They run from like $99-$200+ depending on which one you get and you have to make sure they are compatible with your pc and operating software. I bought Sims 2 before I knew my puter wasn't compatible and I was sooooooooo frustrated for like ever over it, I tried everything everyone told me and nothing worked. I can't afford the graphics adapters, so needless to say I have my copy of Sims 2 just sitting here teasing the heck out of me.....wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
Answered at 08:36 on Friday 5 November 2004 by Cassy (Catt_3000)
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The Direct 9.0 is a download
NOT as Cassy said a Buyable thing
She is confusing it with a Video Card.
Which by the way is Cheap at Newegg a good one for the Sims 2 can be got for 80.00
You need this below if you mean the Direct 9

You can download here.
Answered at 19:20 on Monday 24 January 2005 by Phoenix (phoenix_risin)
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I had the same problem so i called Circuit city..and the sold me a graphic card for less then 100 bucks and now my game is running smooth did the game play a little bit then crash ?
Answered at 11:34 on Tuesday 29 March 2005 by James (JamesFalls4)
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