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Loveseat Modset

Loveseat Modset Preview Added: 2 March 2003, 23:13
Author: Sumit
Website: The Sims Zone
Size: 829 Kb
Downloaded: 30791 times (4.80 times per day)
Sections: Objects, Sumit

A grand set of fabulous loveseats each directing every Sims' needs. Each one has been delicately stitched with a veriety of fabrics. Each one has a story to share, don't be left out!
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Written at 00:08 on Saturday, 19 June 2004 by Tenille Thompson (nell2326)
awesome set of seats!! thanks

Written at 10:57 on Saturday, 14 August 2004 by jessica (BabyGrrl)
They are really pretty but they don't work! They totally ruined my game. I had to re-install it again.

Written at 00:59 on Wednesday, 5 October 2005 by Emy (CutestGrlhere)
when ,,, i downloaded ... some object's not this one i hav't ,, dowloaded this one yet ..
when i downloaded ... some objects ... well .. there where a whole bunch that shut my computer down right when i bought it an put it in the spot i wanted then erased everything in my house ,,, only sertant stuff ... so now i have to remember witch one's do tht so i dont buy it ,,, That really sux to .......

Written at 01:00 on Wednesday, 5 October 2005 by Emy (CutestGrlhere)
Hey do these chair's come in all these colar's when u download ,,, do u have to download um seppertly ???????????????/

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