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Added: 29 November 2001, 20:30
Author: Maxis
Website: Official Site
Size: 3.60 Mb
Downloaded: 15279 times (2.07 times per day)
Sections: Official, Utilities

Create new wall paintings, then have your Sims actually buy them and hang them on their walls!

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Written at 18:59 on Sunday, 27 June 2004 by Phoenix (phoenix_risin)
Great utility! I now have all my own pictures decorating my walls. My son has his favoriote things on the wall of his rooms which he loves. Also Very easy to use for a newbie like me which is top priority for me.
Happy Simming

Written at 07:01 on Wednesday, 15 September 2004 by jessica (BabyGrrl)
Its great and all. But how do I uninstall it?

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