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Nightlife: Garages
Introductions And Stuff
Nightlife is the newest expansion pack for Sims 2. It adds all kinds of wierd and wonderful funky looking items for us all to play with.

I shan't do a review here as that goes elsewhere but let's show you something that's easy to do in Nightlife. Garages. New feature in Nightlife and they come complete with a long requested addition: Cars!

We all know what a garage is, what it looks like and what you put in a garage. Sims, unlike me, don't store any junk at all in their garage. In fact if I cleared out my garage, I'd make a packet on eBay for anybody into bits of wood and empty cans of WD-40.

Sims garages are fortunately less complicated - all they want to do is put a car in it. They're not interested in storing the barbecue set in there that you haven't used all summer as it did nothing but rain. They're not interested in the old stereo system that has never worked since you spilled coffee on it.

So how do we build one? Why should we build one? What does it eat? All of these questions (except the one about what it eats) are answered here. Or rather, on the following pages.

Written at 02:12 2005n Friday 16 September 2005 by Neil.

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