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Break as you go - now possible

Holding down left-shift and left-clicking on an item brings up new menu choices to play with. Something breakable such as the toilets or showers will have options to break or clog accordingly. A real excuse to get the handyman/woman over and into bed, that. Other items have new options that appear wheny ou click on them in this way but most have Force Error on them which doesn't do anything exciting.

Depending on what you click, you'll be able to age the appliance, make it as broken, or clog it up. The fridge has a useful Replenish option, avoid all the hassle with the home delivery.


Customise your sim like never before with the hidden menus Page 1

Hold down left-shift and left-click on a Sim opens up a whole host of new options, such as making them fat/thin, altering their aspiration score and making them grow up at 7pm that same day, to avoid all that growing up malarky.

From this screen, you can change the aspiration score to any one of the five segments, to cheer a sim up or depress him. Note it isn't possible to change the aspiration level in the way it is to change the needs - it has to be done this way. You can change suits but they rarely match up with their labels. Oh and Sims won't stay naked either - they're modest like that.

Top Tip Time: Babies can be made selectable with this method of cheating, allowing one to see their needs (and a naff looking photo but not a lot else). To do this, shift-click on baby, choose to make him unselectable (he'll disappear from the face list on the left), then click him again to make him selectable and you can see his needs. You'll find now that baby has a full set of needs, no wants, no fears and his relationship score towards the parent.

Customise your sim like never before with the hidden menus Page 2

The second page of options is very interesting. Here you can change any sims aspiration to any other one in the game, so if you gave Bob a Knowledge aspiration and fancy sending him down the Romantic aspiration instead, here's how you can change it. Kids can have one of the adult aspirations as well in this fashion.

Take note of the Spawn menu. What's in it you may ask? They are extra tools and things named after various members of the production team that trigger things in the game the easy way.

Written at 00:55 2005n Tuesday 8 March 2005 by Neil.

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