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The Rooms
The Particulars

Toilets. Not a lot that needs to be said about them, really.

Okay, so in no particular order, let's have a look at the rooms. Here's our bathroom. Pretty obvious what happens in here so if you have to ask, you'll never know.

The home room

Here's the main gathering area for our sims, even if it does look like something out of 'Finding Nemo'. Notice huge collection of items that promote social interactivity, such as the pinball, darts, the gamble machine and even a TV. Having a community area with no social interactions beyond talking defeats the whole point of having such an area in the first place.

Shopping. Its not Marks & Sparks but the taste of clothing seems to be similiar.

Go shopping is easy, just dump these items in a room and off you go. Most important: clothes (obviously), till and mirror. Assistant not included but one is spouted when you come to the lot and you can also usually chat the assistant up and (if so inclined) get him/her into bed. Whoo. Also remember to stick a sign outside the door for that 1990s look.

Buy some games for your console here, or feed an interest
This is the easy way to develop interests: Buy a computer game, or buy a magazine. Apologies for general naffness of curtain choice as there wasn't really anything else that fitted. Again, to build and have this room ready, this is all you need. No, seriously, really it is. Try it. See? Told you so!

Shop until you drop at this store, painted in such a way to blind you into buying more than you need

Shops are nice to have on a community lot. Especially a food one because if you run out of food and die from starvation, you won't see this community lot again.

Sims don't have shopping lists but they have an amazing ability to know just how much room is free in the freezer despite a) not looking before leaving and b) being on the other side of town at the time. Therefore don't expect to be able to purchase more than what you need. There is no delivery charge when buying shopping on a lot, although the basket disappears after you pay for it, yet magically appears again when you get home. Answers on a postcard as to where your sim stores it on the way home...

Sims won't autonomously buy anything, like their Sims 1 counterparts but they will browse. You may get lucky and have a sim chat up the till assistants but if not, you can always instigate the conversation.

Written at 00:02 2005n Saturday 5 February 2005 by Neil.
Last updated at 00:30 2005n Saturday 5 February 2005.

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