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Descending The Land
Bob The Builder

Fig 4: The bottom border of a wallpaper helps you set the right depth for your basement.

Pop down a level into the basement. Use the wallpaper tool and find something with a border top and bottom; this will act as your guide. A good one to use is the "London's Red Chimney Bricks With Top & Bottom Timbering in Light Wood" - it's also the same look as the foundation itself with a border.

Use the wallpaper tool to paint the inside brick wall all the way around (choose the paper, hold SHIFT, click one tile, job done). Now you need to start lowering the terrain until you find the bottom border as pictured. This is why you use a bordered wallpaper - makes life easier. Take note that the bottom border needs to be the same thickness visually as the top border, especially if you wish to link the two levels with a normal stairwell.

Flatten The Land
When you find the right depth, level the terrain out for the whole inner section. You may find that some of the outmost squares will increase in height; this means the terrain on the outside of the foundations isn't low enough so be prepared to level beyond the foundations to get a smooth finish inside.

Fig 5: Levelling the land. Need some flat land at least for the stairs.
If you wish to be able to use objects that live on walls (such as the telephone, the widescreen TV, etc) then you need to build some walls in the normal fashion. These objects cannot be placed on foundations, ever so don't ask.

Fig 6: Building walls in the basement of a Sim house. Notice the crossed and diagonals in the corners.

Walls cannot be built adjacent to foundations; there will always be a one square gap. However you can build directly to them, just not directly along them. As shown in Figure 6, you can either use a diagonal wall to link to the centre walls, or just cross them over. It doesn't matter which way you use.

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