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The NPCs (Maid, Gardener, etc)
The NPCs (Non Playable Characters) are those who are present in the game but either have no selectable interactions or exist only for certain reasons. There are many of them across the various expansion packs. So here's a list of the more major ones in the order they first appeared and any other interesting notes associated with them.
Original Game NPCs
These NPCs have been present since the original game in 2000.

The Newspaper girl - originally with no name, she was dubbed Nancy in a later expansion pack. Delivers the paper every morning at just after 9am. With Superstar, Nancy will also deliver a pamphlet that will allow you onto the Superstar career pack. No interactions available. Will run away when a pet (Unleashed onwards) attacks her when its in a bad mood. Stops coming while there are more than 5 old papers outside the house.

The mail lady - dubbed "Carrie the mail carrier". Delivers the mail every three days. Has no interactions. Usually tends to hold up the carpool/school bus if it doesn't get away because another Sim is in front of it. Problem fixed in later expansion packs - she now has intelligence.

The Maid - when booked with the telephone, arrives each day at 10am and leaves at 5pm or when job is done. Only interactions: Dismiss and fire. Will do all the housekeeping duties but doesn't cook. $10 an hour.

The Gardener - call from the phone. He maintains all indoor and outdoor plants. Available interactions: Dismiss and fire. Arrives every three days. $10 an hour.

The Repairman - comes upon your calling. Charges $50 an hour. Interactions: Dismiss.

Policewoman - later expansion packs give her the name of Michelle. Turns up on demand either when you call, your burglar alarm goes off or randomly when you make potions in Livin Large's chemistry set. No interactions beyond the initial "Greet" when she first shows up.

The fireman - Install a smoke alarm, have a fire, this guy will put it out. No interactions. Don't hoax him; you'll be fined otherwise.

The burglar - hilariously dubbed "some sneaky sim" late on, turns up pretty much randomly and will usually steal your most expensive item first then maybe something else. No interactions.

The Repo man - if you don't pay your bills, this bloke turns up. No interactions.

The Pizza Delivery Bloke - his name's Freddie. Give him a bell on the phone, he'll bring you a pizza within the hour for $40. No interactions beyond the initial greet.

Livin' Large
There's only four (technically five) new NPCs in Livin Large:

Servo - costs $15k to buy but will act as a maid, gardener, repairman and general dogsbody all in one and will run until his duties are done. He even sings as he works! He will also talk to your sims, entertain and generally play a passive host if anybody's depressed enough. Watch him dance as well! Only interactions are to turn off or serve food. He may talk to you but you can't initiate the conversation.

The Grim Reaper - as you'd expect, turns up when somebody (adult, kid, resident or visitor) dies. Any other adult sim can then interact with him to attempt to pled for the departed's life in a game of rock, paper and scissors. Outcome pending, the sim will return, stay dead or be reincarnated without its soul and look death-defyingly sick. The new maid-wanna-be (the Bag-o-Bones skeleton closet) introduced in Makin' Magic will ask for the Grim Reaper's autograph. No interactions beside plea.

The Tragic Clown - turns up when you have the appropriate picture installed and everybody's depressed. Couple of ways to get shot of him: Burn the picture over the fireplace or get everybody happy again. You can ask him to shove off but he won't go. Trapping him doesn't work either.

The Genie - buy a lamp, rub it and you'll see him. More chance of stuff going wrong than right but the odds are still good. Can save a lot of time. No interactions when he's over the lamp.

Frankenstein - this "NPC" occurs when you drink the appropriate potion from the new Chemistry Set that sends your sim into a monster who then goes round breaking everything. Technically it's not a NPC as it's still your sim but you can't control it.

House Party
House Party, the second expansion, adds new functionality to have a party at home (hence the name). Its new characters are as follows:

The Chef - this is the guy who will manage the food and keep your table topped up so you don't have to do it yourself. $350 a day. Keep an eye on him, he will often wander off to talk to everybody else. Berates the mime though which is fun :) He will clean up but take note that he will throw away all food that didn't come from his buffet table regardless of its freshness.

The Mime - some bozo who thinks he's funny. No interactions. Will stand in the way trying to look clever and doing all sorts of mimes and things. You can ask him to go away but he won't. Get rid of him by upping the mood of the party - remember, he thinks that he's there to entertain. He will steal stuff because of the fact he is a kleptomaniac. You may also see him at an all-family party too.

Drew Carey - aka "Drew The Celebrity", he turns up in a stretch limo when you throw a good party. You'll know when he arrives because everybody starts running for him. You can't initiate conversation but he will come to you. Fact time: Drew Carey appears in this game because he himself was a fan of The Sims. So now you know :)

The entertainer - We're talking adult entertainment, not Krusty The Crown type entertainment :) Buy a cake, you get an adult entertainer who can ruin a relationship quite easily with copious flirting and dirty fun. Kids won't have any interest and the adults will shoo them out of the room.

Gatecrashers - these look like any other Sim but when you click on them you'll have to option to ask them to leave. All mine usually have purple hair.

There also is a campfire ghost but there's only a 10% chance of it actually showing when you tell a spooky story at the campfire.

Hot Date
Hot Date adds a whole range of new characters, most of which you cannot interact with. They are as follows:

The Maitre'd - will seat you at a table for a meal downtown. Comes with the brown podium.

The Waiter - will seat you at a table for a meal downtown. Comes with the modern looking podium.

Ministrel - plays guitar. You can request a song or tip him. He'll also do an annoying hand puppet act in a silly voice.

Pianist - stick a piano downtown, you get a pianist with no interactions (and no hand puppets). It's either this or the Ministrel.

Bartender - Couple of types pending which bar type you're using. If you get Wayne (with the blue bar) and have Superstar installed, Wayne will have a spinning star over his head. No interactions.

The barmaid - will bring you a drink. Seems to be a couple of types again pending on which bar you use. Interactions: Order drink.

Chef - works in the kitchens. You get as many chefs as you have podiums. No interactions.

Busboy - comes with the dishwasher. No interactions.

Janitor - cleans the toilets and what not. No interactions.

The Rental Shack Assistant - comes with the shed, he will allow you to feed the fish, hire a boat or other stuff like that. Unlike all the other NPCs, he uses the toilets. Also seen in Vacation where he allows rental of metal detectors, snow plots and what not. No direct interactions apart from those with the shed itself.

Mrs Crumplebottom - new to Hot Date, she hates shows of affection in public. Expect handbags at 20 paces if you kiss around her! No interactions.

Claire The Bear - arrives at home and downtown. Downtown she is attracted to your picnics. At home she is attracted to your trashcan or, with Makin Magic, to your honey maker. No interactions. Also has ties to Vacation and the polar bear rug.

Shop assistants - generally pretty much randomly, these allow you to buy stuff and man the tills.

More new NPCs in Vaction/On Holiday than you can shake a stick at. All these have no interactions, they just wander around.

The Maid - cleans stuff up in her own time. Will make the beds and clean the domestic toilets and showers out.

Vacation Director - this is the lady to ask about your holiday if you have any questions or what not. Generally wanders around getting in the way and talking to random people. Plenty of interactions available.

Janitor - keeps the toilets clean and spends lots of time sitting down and cleaning up.

Retail Clerks - man the new tills and you can buy postcards as well. Tend to get stuck on the wrong side of a desk if you attempt to box them in, might be worth leaving it open end.

Front Desk Clerk - click on the desk to check in and out at a cost of $40 a night per sim.

Archie Arnold (grassland), Betty Yeti (snow) and Marky Shark (beach) - walking talking themed characters who wander around waving at everybody, dancing, hugging kids and generally getting in everybody else's way.

The most significiant expansion pack comes with its own set of NPCs:

Gardener Bob - sells you seeds and what not and will offer advice on how to grow your own stuff at home.

The Pet Trainer - you can ask him for advice on how to look after your new pet or ask him to train your pets (for a fee, of course).

Ms Lucielle - fortune teller. Tells your fortune for $20.

The Saxophone player - does what it says on the tin.

Lana - wanders around with a clipboard. Your introduction to the world of Superstar :)

Photographer - you can pose for pics with people and see if you get into the rag the next day! Can also be seen at home.

The obsessed fan - oh dear. The scourge of being famous. Follows you all over Studio Town and hangs around outside (and inside) your house. Will steal trophies and take pictures and what not. The black roses he drops can be used in a spell in Makin Magic.

The Butler - ideal function is to berate the obsessed fan and tell him to shove off. Comes each day at 7am-midnight for a fee of $500. Doesn't seem to do much work himself - prefers to call the Maid, the Gardener and the Repairman for stuff that needs doing. Or if you have Servo, keeps switching him on every five minutes.

Directors, camerapeople and what not - you don't interact with these directly but they'll communicate with you when you do a job.

There are also all kinds of other NPCs floating around that do with fame and what not - you can't interact with most of them. However you can interact with the Anybodies and the Somebodies and go out with them and date them and move them in and what not.

Makin' Magic
The final expansion pack. In amongst all the spells and what not, you'll also find these:

The Mystery Man - drops off the initial package and is then never seen again until you go down Magic Town. He's the "regulator" if you like of this magic stuff. No interactions.

Dragons - little bundles of hard-skinned beings, they breathe fire. Three types available depending on how well you interact with them while they incubate. They also eat your plants.

Vicki the Vampiress - this lady you can peddle with and buy from with your new magicoins.

Gnomes - introduced initially with Livin Large, you can use the Enchant spell (adults and kids) to bring them to life. They will look after the garden but aren't happy if the gardener turns up or you cast Perfect Garden. They live in the Nectar press when they're not working.

Wally and Molly - from the Of House and Home charm. Wally cleans and fixes stuff in the house, Molly breaks stuff.

Skeleton Maid - does everything the standard Maid does only with no clothes or skin on. Will freak out the standard Maid. Also expect to see her waving at the tombstones of dead sims too.

Various other individuals wander around as well.

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