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Cheats (Consoles)
Right, so you got the PlayStation2, GameCube or X-Box version of The Sims, played a bit, and got stuck? You searched the whole web trying to find the cheats... without any luck. Still, you want to give your Sims a life with some luxury, but they just won't get a life. Well, here are the cheats for The Sims on the consoles.

Before entering the cheats below, you must first press these buttons on your controller, all at the same time:
  • Playstation 2: L1, L2, R1 and R2
  • GameCube: L and R
  • X-Box: Both shoulder buttons
    You can then enter the cheat of your choice. Entering a cheat a second time will disable it again.
  • The codes
  • MIDAS - Unlock all objects, skins, levels and multiplayer games
  • FREEALL - Objects won't cost a single simolean anymore
  • PARTY M - Unlock the Party Motel bonuslevel in multiplayer mode
  • SIMS - Unlock the "Play The Sims" mode, without going through "Get a Life"
  • FISH EYES - When changing the camera mode, you'll get a first-person perspective
  • Get extra money
    Stuck with a family that ran out of money? With the "FREEALL" mode, you can already buy whatever you want without paying a dime, but that won't work for bills. So, here's a way to give that family a bit of extra money:
    • Use the FREEALL cheat to make objects free
    • Place a lot of expensive objects in the house
    • Save the house, return to the main menu
    • Disable the FREEALL cheat by entering it again
    • Load the house again, sell the objects and the family will have some spare cash again
    You can activate the MIDAS cheat to buy the real expensive objects too, which will help your family get even more money fast!
    Written at 01:12 2003n Sunday 13 April 2003 by ChEeTaH.
    Last updated at 03:19 2003n Tuesday 10 June 2003.

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