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The Sims Online Reviews
Still not sure whether to go online with up to 3 sims? You can decide further by reading the reviews here. This page will be updated whenever we spot a new review of The Sims Online. You can visit the official TSO site at http://thesimsonline.ea.com.
'Even when it works, The Sims Online has little to offer beyond serving as a graphical instant messenger with an economy. The multiplayer issues can be forgiven and written off as growing pains for an online game that aspires to draw hundreds of thousands of players. Still, as it stands, The Sims Online is plagued with so many issues and features that have yet to be activated that it feels more like an open beta than a fully-featured game. If you’re attracted to a thriving community of interaction where players build relationships with other players based on chat-style typed messages, then this title is probably something that would appeal to you. If you’re a fan of the old-style MUD games, then The Sims Online would probably appeal to you. Players who enjoy social game settings will likely be able to look past The Sims Online's flaws and have a great deal of fun. However, if you’re looking for quick-paced action or a strategy simulation, this is not the place to find it.'

Final score: 3 out of 5
'Maxis has done the impossible. They found a way to make their already addictively fun Sims series even better. If you play the standalone version of the The Sims, give yourself a real treat and get The Sims Online. If you have never played in a virtual online world before, I can't think of a more nurturing and supportive environment to start.'

Final Score: 4.5 out of 5
'There’s just one problem with The Sims Online: It’s almost not a game. The slow-paced activities rely so heavily on social interaction that in some ways it feels like a glorified chat room. Then again, social interaction is always what the Internet has done best, so as long as Maxis can continue to add interesting job objects and other structural milestones to the mix, the open-ended novelty needn’t wear off. If you’re looking for a low-ping party with no boundaries, you won’t do better than The Sims Online.'

Final score: 4.5 out of 5
'Frankly, this is a game that no review can adequately describe since the possible experiences are virtually limitless. Is it a game or a playground? Play it and decide for yourself.'

Final score: 9 out of 10
'Overall the Sims Online is a pretty amazing title. While I don't necessarily agree with all the hype about it revolutionizing the industry I can't argue with facts and those facts speak volumes: The Sims franchise is here to stay and will dominate the charts for eons of time. However be warned, this is not a game you can play once a week. Not only because it's addictive to some extent but because to develop your character you must constantly (think bi-daily basis) login, interact and chat with your friends. Who would I recommend this game to? Certainly the female gamers, that's a certified fact. Who else? Anyone who enjoyed the original title will without doubt get the same sort of virtual entertainment this time around and going out on a limb I would recommend that virtually everyone give this game a whirl as I think it's safe to say it is represents a glimpse into the future of virtual community based gaming.'

Final Score: 90% (Perfect)
'The Sims Online is not without redeeming value and could change dramatically when the number of online players substantially increases. The social aspect of the game will certainly appeal to a different audience than the traditional gamer, but does not, in its present form, provide the addicting entertainment of online standards such as Everquest, or offline gems like the original Sims.'
'For players who aren't already fans of the series, The Sims Online probably won't offer enough to persuade them to keep playing and paying the game's monthly fees. Even though it had tremendous potential, The Sims Online currently isn't a complete game--several of its features are incomplete, and the game itself seems rather limited as a result, despite the fact that it affords you plenty of opportunity to chat with other, like-minded players. Though the game's developer plans to make many additions to the game, for now, The Sims Online lacks many of the options that made the original game so intriguing, and it doesn't really replace them.'

Final score: 6.7 out of 10 (Fair)
'The Sims Online has been best described as the world's most expensive chat program. Whether that's true or not (perhaps other pay-to-use chat programs exist that cost more), the chat room analogy is an accurate one, and The Sims Online at least does that well. It looks like it will be a while, however, before it becomes the game that The Sims fans were hoping for.'

Final score: 60 out of 100
'It can be routine, and you will likely run into the same people asking and talking about the same things, over and over. If the idea of chat rooms appeals to you, if the idea of stepping outside yourself and trying on a different life and face (even a polar bear’s head) is something you would enjoy, this could well be the game for you.'

Final score: 7.3 out of 10
'If you’re a fan of the Sims then this is your next step, if you absolutely hate the Sims then you still might want to give it a try, you just might be surprised. While it could absolutely benefit from a few new features, it’s still a good enough to warrant a purchase.'

Final score: 8.3 out of 10
'Flame if you will but I still have a bit of a hard time labeling this as a "game." While there are similar problems with the original The Sims, the element of time and quantified social interactions provided a real sense of challenge and conflict that's completely missing here. With other Sims acting as patrons and offering free beds, free food and free skill objects, the only real motivation to go out and succeed is in becoming one of these patrons yourself.'

Final score: 7.2 out of 10 (Overall - not an average)
'In its current form, "The Sims Online" makes for surreal fun with a strangely addictive quality, and, if anything, it has seemingly endless potential. Like the stand-alone versions of the game, "The Sims Online" is what you make of it.'

Final score: 4 out of 5 stars
'In short, the rules are designed to encourage people to get along. It rewards you for making friends, and working and playing together. And because you're always anonymous, it's easy to take the risk of meeting people and interacting with them freely.
 If only real life could be like that.'
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